Space Planning
& Interior Design

Everything starts with an idea.

We will help you refine your idea - your dream of 'what could be' - until it becomes clear and focused. In the process, we work together as a team, we assist with valuable input that allows you to make better decisions.

Procurement & Installation of Interior elements

Your choice of products through our streamlined purchasing

When you have established what you want for your project, we put to your disposal our network of manufacturers, suppliers, installers, thus ensuring that you receive your products from the best source, at the most reasonable price, and on time for your project to go without interruptions.

Project Management
& Specialized Consultancy

Time, costs, resources, quality

Just like simply having the ingredients available, doesn't guarantee you a great meal unless you know how to combine them, it is the same for a succesful interior project - the secret is using the right recipe that gives control over time, the allocated resources, costs and final quality of the project.