Revolutionary panel mounting systems

Flawless finish with perfect alignment. Every time.

Combining speed, versatility and an outstanding aesthetic result, the Fastmount system enables designers, installers and contractors to re-think the panelling process.

  • International award-winning Fastmount sets the world standard for mounting removable panels systems
  • Applicable accross multiple sectors: marine, architectural, aviation, and recreational vehicle industry
  • Panels can easily be removed and refitted in any sequence, time after time.
  • Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, Fastmount clips are precision moulded using engineering grade plastic.

The secret behind a perfect finish

The Fastmount Product range - covering all your panelling needs

All clips are interchangeable with each other, to create a hidden fixing system that allows for flexing and expansion of the panel and support frame.
To ensure quality, installation and removal tools are supplied and we assist you throughout the production and installation process.

Introduction to Fastmount:

How-to guide: Mounting heavy wall panels with hidden fixings

We deliver the "turn-key" wall panel solutions with Fastmount technology,
or you can purchase the Fastmount clips to build your own projects.
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