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Who you get to work with

Jan Erik Granholdt
Maritime Industry Consultant

I support REDLINE's recent efforts in the maritime industry by providing input into the strategy and processes.


While still a young company in this particular segment, REDLINE is well on its way towards competitively priced and high-quality services and products targeted to the maritime industry in Europe (particularly the Norwegian Cluster of Maritime Companies/Shipyards) and in the world.


Contact Jan Erik at +4797645584 or

Teresa Cristina Braz
International Representative and Consultant
JBraz Representation and Consultory - Brazil

I support REDLINE in the Modular Accommodation sector, and as their representative, I contribute to developing and establishing a high level of quality for our products, meeting the requirements and expectations of this international market.


Having more than 12 years of experience with international customers, and more than 4 years of experience into the oil and gas sector specifically, together with REDLINE we commit to deliver high quality products and services at reasonable prices.


Contact Teresa Braz at +552198200948 or

Jan Dahler Nilsson
Consultant for Norwegian market

REDLINE represents the new Romania with its forming of a cluster of furniture manufacturing and design companies for export. They cover all type of interiors and furniture, organized to offer "packaged" solutions. Norway and the Nordic countries are now a natural target we would like to help them open up. REDLINE has its advantages in experienced partner companies that deliver high-quality solutions - at a competitive price level.


As REDLINE's advisor and representative, I am glad to offer my input as they continue to put forth their vision, selecting and establishing strategic business contacts in Norway.


Contact Jan at +4790131208

Radu Suteu
Managing Director
REDLINE Contract Furniture

With 8+ years of experience managing projects of all sizes within the furniture industry, I enjoy helping our customers find the best solutions for their spaces and I make sure that the project goes smoothly towards completion.


Contact Radu at +40728363057 or