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Are you making a lasting impression on your visitors?

Without a doubt, interior design of public areas and rooms in a hotel is an important factor in helping guests to decide where to spend their holiday or business trip.

Who you get to work with

Monika Badulescu
Architect & Interior Designer

My mission is to reflect beauty in artistic interior design. Without sacrificing the integrity of the design, I wish to create spaces that are functional, efficient, flexible and productive.


My Philosophy: I believe in:

  • spaces with lasting appeal
  • teamwork and collaboration
  • every space should reflect the personality of its occupants.

    Awards: 1st place in A_DA 2013 » The best work in Public Spaces, Touristic Spaces, Reabilitation and Reconversion


    Contact Monika at +40740150194

    Madalin Gheorghe
    Product & Interior Designer

    I have an intense admiration for the beauty of patterns created by nature, and enjoy creating timeless furniture design.


    I believe it is possible to live in a world where every object around you is designed especially for your body anatomy and body dimensions, and furniture can be designed to fit perfectly in your room - and most importantly, with the help of digital fabrication and generative design principles, I believe the custom furniture everyone dreams of, can be produced at a cost comparable with the one of a mass produced object.


    Contact Madalin at +40745310059

    Radu Suteu
    Project Manager

    With 8+ years of experience managing projects of all sizes within the furniture industry, I enjoy helping our customers find the best solutions for their spaces and I make sure that the project goes smoothly towards completion.


    Contact Radu at +40728363057 or